Up and Running

This has actally been up and running for some time now, but this is my first real post. I hope to actually update this reguarly with somewhat interesting content. I also hereby promise not to get into boring "I was waiting in line at Walmart crap." If the rest of it is boring, well, I can make no promises.

I had considered putting this up on totality-design.com, but I didn't feel like paying for the upgrade to be able to use Wordpress or something similar. I'll quote Jonathan Baldwin that designers, like builders, should never do their own work, and in true fashion I have this up on Blogger. If I ever do break that trope, I'll modify the CSS sufficiently to have a different look, but thats really towards the bottom of the to-do list. In the meantime, I hope whoever looks at this finds it at least slightly interesting. Cheers, and welcome.


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